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Connect ... People are connected to the world from a single thread.

Gender, age, borders become Less ...

Create endless possibilities with WHOLEGARMENT.

"Lien " that connects one stitch " My " to innumerable " Myriad ".

More sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Seamless knit ... MyLien made from the thought (Milian).



Knits are made by knitting threads.

There is fun to taste the material itself.

The facial expressions and textures differ depending on the material, so please find your favorite and enjoy the texture. In addition, it also comes into direct contact with the skin, and I want you to feel the luxury that pleases your body.

MyLien uses only the finest materials that I have touched and selected.
We pursued "comfort that makes the body happy".


Baby Cashmere

"Extra-fine finest fiber"

Baby Cashmere is a cashmere that has been specially trimmed by collecting only the first-cut hair from cashmere lambs less than 12 months old. It is one of the finest luxury fibers in cashmere, with a special texture and feel compared to ordinary cashmere.



"Supple washable silk"

Washable silk with a special protein coating made from natural ingredients. It is a highly functional silk thread with higher wash resistance and abrasion resistance while maintaining the smoothness and excellent humidity control of silk.




"More rare merino wool"

Australian merino wool, which is used for yarns of unprecedented fineness in the world, belongs to the "SUPER 180'S" category with an average fineness of 14.3 μm and is extremely rare, accounting for only 0.1% of the total Australian merino wool production. No.
It can be said that it is the finest yarn with a unique spinning technology that repeats trial and error in order to trim even finer wool and produce 48th yarn.


Merino Wool


"Light and fluffy soft"

"Aged cotton" is made by laying down cotton to give it a fluffy texture. Rather than spinning it immediately into yarn, letting it sit in a high-humidity room for several weeks will rejuvenate the crimps of the cotton fibers and make them more airy. Just like wool, by including air between the fibers, you can achieve both a light wearing feeling and a rich volume feeling, and since it has good breathability, it is not sticky to the skin.


​Aging Cotton


Natural materials are excellent materials.

In fact, hair products such as wool and cashmere are originally excellent materials that do not easily get dirty.

Because the ingredient called lanolin repels water

Even if water is spilled on the material, it dries quickly.

If you wipe it with a towel, it will not penetrate much.


In addition, the material itself has a natural humidity control effect.

There is a cuticle on the surface of wool and cashmere, which opens and closes

In a damp environment, it absorbs moisture and releases it when it is dry to regulate the moisture in the air.

Because silk has an elliptical or triangular cross section

A gap is created between the fibers to achieve excellent moisture absorption and desorption.

Wool in particular is said to absorb more than 30% of the water.

The comfort that synthetic fibers do not have comes from this natural function.

Wool and cashmere are stain and humidity resistant materials and do not require daily washing.

On the contrary, if you do dry cleaning frequently,

We do not recommend it as it will damage the texture and texture of the material.

Especially the smooth touch and luster of cashmere

It's because the cuticle is moisturized, so it's important to keep it clean.


However, "care" is necessary.

If you wear it, it will get dusty, so it is recommended to clean it with a clothes brush.

It takes a lot of work, but if you handle it carefully, you can keep it beautiful for a long time.


Comfortable to wear.
The knit boost your mood.


A tank top made of 100% silk and silk rib pants with a belly band that covers your stomach. Furthermore, because it is a seamless knit, even if it fits​ The feature is that there is no thug.

Silk 100 Rib Pants 

Silk 100 Rib Tank top 


Merino Wool Knit P / O 

My Lien's knit is seamless

Easy to move without impairing the elasticity of the material.
Also, because there is no looseness due to the seam allowance.

The comfort is significantly different.








Baby Cashmere Knit P / O 


Using cashmere and sable

In a light and warm My Lien gown

Have a comfortable time,​​ Luxury time.

Cashmere Sable Knit Gown 

Baby Cashmere Knit Jogger Pants 







My Lien's knit

Only high-quality materials selected by touching directly are used.
Smooth texture that does not tingle.
With a touch that makes you want to swell your face,
A knit that you can wear all day long.

Merino Wool V-neck Sweater  


Merino Wool Crew-neck Cardigan  

Baby Cashmere 3Way Blanket  


Finished with the finest texture,

Baby cashmere blanket.

Depending on how the abalone shell button is fastened,

It can be a cape, a bolero, or a poncho.

A convenient piece that you can put on quickly.

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​The knit boost your mood.


autumn / winter 

9.28 thu.  New Release ...



Company name Inoue Co., Ltd. Established July 1, 1989 Capital 10 million yen Representative Takashi Inoue Location 12-4 Nishishinmachi, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture 373-0847
Business description Manufacture, planning and sales of non-sewn knit products

Annual possible production number 350,000 pieces of non-sewn knit


After running the knitting industry (machine knitting industry) from around 1950,

As Inoue Co., Ltd., founded in 1989

Introduced the earliest WHOLEGARMENT machine in the world.


Researching and pursuing WHOLEGARMENT knits for many years

We have been manufacturing knitwear of various brands in Japan and overseas.

Currently, we are not only OEM production but also OBM / ODM production.

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​Please feel free to contact us.

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